The Christmas Masterpiece




‘The Christmas  Masterpiece’ , written by Doug Spak; is a film in the traditional style of a Hallmark holiday production, but not quite so romantic or predictable. The story revolves around a precocious 14 year old girl, Emma, who has lost her mother and must now live with grandparents in another town. Her artistic flair with painting and life, leads her to help revitalize the small town of Lakeside. Her spirit and drive help bring together the town, and many discover they can move forward.

Executive Producers Wayne Goodrich and Dain Paige have brought together a cast of 21 adult and young adult actors, and 1 very lovable 80 pound Golden Doodle for this production. 

‘The Christmas Masterpiece’ promises to be a wonderful family classic film.  

Executive Producers

Wayne Goodrich

Dain Paige

Written By

Doug Spak

Featuring Music By

Charlie Hines